Post-College Transitions

Managing College Life & Post-College Transitions

The college years can be a challenging period, and are for many, the first time they are faced with the process and consequences of independent decision-making. Among other things, I help my clients to navigate difficulties relating to establishing one’s identity, figuring out an academic and career path, entering into and managing a relationship, and dealing with social anxiety and social pressures.

Post-college transitions, whether they be to employment or to more schooling, can be especially difficult. I help clients to deal with a number of challenges during this life phase including: understanding workplace expectations, relating to authority figures, handling stress and life disappointments with resilience, relating authentically in friendship and intimate relationships, developing a work ethic and healthy expectation of what work can provide, and becoming an independent decision maker. I introduce clients to the concepts of learning to delay gratification and tolerating ambiguity, two strengths necessary for success in today’s world.