Clinical Services

clinical services

Clinical Services

individual therapy

I take a collaborative approach to one-on-one therapy, where I help clients work through areas they feel are problematic in their lives, and make better choices. As part of the process, clients often connect the past to the present, and look at how formative relationships have contributed to their choices. Common areas we work on include: recharging existing relationships and careers, entering relationships, relating better to others, and making peace with past choices. Modes of treatment include: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Solution-Focused Therapy.

Forensic Social Work

In addition to running my individual psychotherapy practice I serve as a consultant and an expert witness in legal cases involving psychotherapists, clinical social workers, and other mental health professionals. As a forensic social worker, I review medical records and depositions, write opinion reports, give depositions, and, if necessary, testify in court.

career counseling

People change jobs and careers more frequently than ever before, often due to the pace of technology, cutbacks in the workplace, dissatisfaction with their current career, or a desire to do something different. I help clients pinpoint their career challenges, overcome anxiety about the search process, and understand themselves better so that they can make satisfying career choices. My career counseling process includes: assessing a client’s career-related skills, interests, individual style, intelligences, and values. I also draw on my own experience as someone who has successfully changed careers to inform the decision-making process.

couples & Family Therapy

I help families and couples to nurture change and development within the relationship. As part of this process, families and couples learn to understand each other better, communicate more effectively, and resolve and accept their differences. Common issues include: helping resolve power struggles within a relationship, and helping families and couples navigate the behaviors of a family member with a mental illness or a substance abuse problem.

Post-College Transitions

Post-college transitions, whether they be to employment or to more schooling, can be especially difficult. I help clients to deal with a number of challenges that arise during this life phase including: understanding workplace expectations, relating to authority figures, handling stress and life disappointments with resilience, relating authentically in friendship and intimate relationships, developing a work ethic and healthy expectation of what work can provide, and becoming an independent decision maker. I introduce clients to the concepts of learning to delay gratification and tolerating ambiguity, two strengths that are necessary for success in today’s world.

Substance abuse

In my work as an addiction specialist, I assess and evaluate the degree of substance use and the effect that it is having on the client and their family. I determine the appropriate treatment required. If individual psychotherapy is indicated, I will treat the client myself. Other times, depending on the circumstances, I will refer the client for services such as peer-led support groups, group therapy, an outpatient substance abuse program, medication management, and, when appropriate, inpatient admission.